Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Breaking News: Business Tax Stalls in Texas Senate

This just in: at least one Republican was willing to cross the line and make a last minute stand against the governor's new tax bill.
Senators this afternoon failed to get the votes they needed to bring up House Bill 3, the business tax overhaul that appears to be on the fast track to the governor's desk.

Senate rules require support from twothirds of the senators (21 members) to bring up a bill. Today, a measure to bring up House Bill 3 for final passage received only 20 when Sen. Mike Jackson, R-LaPorte, raised two fingers, signaling his "no" vote.

Jackson had voted to bring the bill up on Monday, when it passed.
As the Austin-American Statesman reporter notes, this "setback" — or reprieve, depending on your point of view — may only be temporary. While there is no word yet as to why Mr. Jackson changed his mind, you can bet Perry and Dewhurts will be applying the pressure. Jackson apparently received a summons to the principal's office immediately following the vote:
After the vote, Jackson spoke with several colleagues before walking toward Perry's office with a Perry aide. He declined comment.


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