Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Do Not Pass Go

For over 70 years, Hasbro's popular Monopoly game has led the market in sales and family fun. This year the game maker is updating its long familiar neighborhoods with new parcels of property from major cities around the United States, and they are asking for help in picking these landmarks.

Houston was picked as one of the 22 U.S. cities to be represented on the new game board, with the following three sites available for the voting.

Johnson Space Center currently holds a commanding lead, with about a week and a half left to vote. (Click on any of the images above to make your choices. You can vote for your favorite landmark in any or all of the selected cities, once per day through May 12.)

One final note — I thought it was interesting that the Kemah Boardwalk was one of the top three choices for the Houston area, but it is represented by a picture of the Downtown Houston skyline.


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