Monday, May 01, 2006

On the Illegal Walkout

Some very wise words from SargeVining — one of the regular commenters at Lone Star Times — regarding today's planned walkouts and boycotts by the illegal immigrant community:
[The local news] did make a big deal of Taquria Arrandas reversing it’s decision to close today.

Originally they had taken a poll of their workers and decided to close.

Apparently, a poll of their CUSTOMERS convinced them otherwise......

Take note of a few things today folks:
  1. You will not die if the majority of businesses that cater to Hispanics close today.
  2. This country will survive just fine if Hispanics walk off their jobs...which means that sending most of the 10 million illegals home won’t cause us undue hardship.
  3. Remember the business that are closed today. If you ever had patronized them in the past...[don't] do it again.
  4. The “unity” of these folks will be exposed today. The problem they have is that it will work against them no matter what. If they do not succed in thier goal, they will be exposed as weak and a few of the fence sittering polticians will fall towards the side that wants them out. If they come anywhere near succes, they will scare the bejabbers out of soccer moms and dads across the nation.
This was a bad political move by these folks. Just as the Mexican Flags and the Spanish Star Spangled Banner was. What they don't realize is that most of this country is composed of Anglos, Blacks, and other Hispanics that are here legally — and most of them don’t think that people who are breaking the law just by being here deserve much more than what they have already gotten from us...


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