Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Injured Marine Returns to Friendswood

KHOU Channel 11 News brings us this awe-inspiring story of an injured Marine who has finally made it back home to Friendswood:
Lance Cpl. Steven Schulz was in a humvee just outside of Fallujah, Iraq, on April 19 when a bomb exploded.
In Iraq, U.S. surgeons removed part of his skull to operate and allow for swelling.

"They actually put it in his abdomen just to keep it fresh," said the elder Steven, his father.

It stayed there for nearly half a year until surgeons at Bethesda Naval Hospital chose a plastic skull cap during an 11-hour surgery. It was a better fit.
Two weeks ago, the Bay Area Builders held a fundraiser for Schulz and his family, and had their Friendswood house updated for wheelchair access, ready for him to return home for continued care and recovery.
Nine days after surgery, the young Marine was home and was invited to the World Series, Sunday's Texans game and armed with a disarming poise.
Lance Cpl. Schulz has little use of his left leg and arm, but for a man who doctors twice expected to die, his continuing recovery is remarkable.
An outstanding progress report on an outstanding young man. Please keep Lance Cpl. Schulz in your prayers over the next weeks and months as he continues in his recovery and physical rehabilitation.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

GOD bless him ..................

9/11/2006 9:58 AM  

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