Monday, May 01, 2006

Illegal Immigrant Rallies Spark a Grassfire

As we have been "warned" for the last two weeks, illegal aliens are stepping up their protest movements today to enact major walkouts and boycotts in Texas and across the nation, for the purpose of showing United States citizens their own power over the economy. This is a blatant attempt to hold our nation hostage while they demand full amnesty. - Stop the Invasion! Alliance has begun a campaign to place billboards in major cities across the nation, protesting the invasion if illegal immigrants and pleading with our government to secure the borders.
With hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens protesting in our streets, Grassfire wanted to do something to give grassroots Americans a way to make a statement to counter these protests.


Our goal is to see these billboards spread across the nation as team members step forward to sponsor each board -- foot by foot. As the campaign expands (based on the support of grassroots team members), we will be placing more billboards in more communities.
To read more about's efforts, or to support their nationwide "Stop the Invasion" billboard campaign, click on the image above or here.


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