Saturday, May 13, 2006

Racial Discrimination by Georgia Police

FOX News yesterday highlighted an interesting story of racial discrimination — with a twist — by Georgia's Dekalb County police.
Police union officials released an audio recording Thursday purportedly containing the voice of [Assistant Police Chief] R.P. Flemister, who is black.

On the tape, Flemister is heard asking someone: "Have you ever thought about why I ain't promoted them nine on the list right now ... because seven of them are white."
As The Independent Conservative points out, this is an area where you would expect people to have a heightened awareness of and lower tolerance for such inequality.
Dekalb County, Georgia is mostly Cynthia McKinney's US House Congressional District. (Georgia’s 4th Congressional District.) Given this is the home of such a “freedom fighter”, who “stands against racism”, “stands against discrimination” and “stands against racial profiling”. You would think people in her district would never discriminate against anyone. OK, I’m being sarcastic. In reality, the actions of lower level officials in Dekalb County are simply a reflection of the higher level representatives, elected by a majority of voters in that county. Oh but let a Black person cry racism and they will ensure there are lights and cameras on the scene! Protest marches and candlelight vigils, demanding everyone resign and be charged with Civil Rights violations. When a White is the victim, silence!
Interestingly enough, none of the usual suspects (including Ms. McKinney, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Joseph Lowery, et al) have jumped in front of the cameras to decry this bigotry. In fact, the only county official raising an outcry is the lone white Republican on the seven member Board of Commissioners.

On a side note, I must commend FOX News for not using the label of "reverse discrimination" that is so often applied to such stories. Racial discrimination is the same, no matter what color the perpetrator or victim happen to be. True reverse discrimination is in reality the reverse, or the lack, of discrimination. And in spite of the racial baiters, true reverse discrimination is continuing to break out and flourish all over this great nation.


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