Friday, May 12, 2006

New Hope on the Illegal Immigration Front

As the Minutemen rallied today near the U.S. Capitol, they were joined by a man who just might light a new ray of hope in the hearts of American citizens fearing for their country. According to a FOX News report:
John Clark, a congressional liaison for the American Immigration Control Foundation, a nonprofit research and education group, told supporters near the Capitol that illegal immigrants marching in the streets "should be rounded up and deported." There have been mass protests throughout the country in recent weeks in opposition to tougher illegal immigration enforcement.

"We have to get this under control," Clark said. "This is the occupation of the United States of America by a foreign country. We have to put a stop to it."
Many may remember the clandestine Mr. Clark from his previous exploits battling the drug trade in Baltimore, rescuing downed American soldiers from the jungles of Columbia, working under cover for the CIA in both Russia and China, and leading the world's first and foremost international anti-terrorism unit. If he says he will put a stop to illegal immigration, you can bet it will happen.

And don't be surprised to see Jack Bauer getting involved as soon as he wraps up the Russian mob and those responsible for Palmer's assassination.


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