Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Jesus Walked on ... Ice?

According to the latest scientific report, that is.
Rare conditions could have conspired to create hard-to-see ice on the Sea of Galilee that a person could have walked on back when Jesus is said to have walked on water, a scientist reported Tuesday.

The study, which examines a combination of favorable water and environmental conditions, proposes that Jesus could have walked on an isolated patch of floating ice on what is now known as Lake Kinneret in northern Israel.
Of course, if this were the case you would think that Jesus' disciples — several of whom were professional fishermen and very familiar with the area and the sea in question — would have made note of the presence of an ice floe large enough to carry a man. Especially Simon Peter, who "got down out of the boat, walked on the water and came toward Jesus." At least, until his doubting human "intellect" realized what he was doing and caused him to look away from his Lord in panic.


Blogger Darnell said...

Yea they seem to ignore how Simon Peter started going down and then back up again when he got his eyes focused on the right thing (Jesus).

If it was ice, it would have been pretty obvious and for ice to be right near their boat....DUH!

Jesus haters will do anything and I mean ANYTHING to try and discredit the Lord.

4/05/2006 1:21 PM  

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