Thursday, February 02, 2006

Go Long, Lynn!

While I admit that -- as a tried and true, "Luv Ya Blue" Oilers fan from long before my first real memories of the game -- I still find it somewhat difficult to root for a Pittsburgh Steeler under any circumstances, I am willing to bury my lifelong bias... at least this one time.

No, I'm not talking about the Super Bowl. I am talking about Lynn Swann, former all-star Steelers wide receiver, who is currently seeking the Republican nomination for governor of Pennsylvania. According to AP reporter Joe Mandak, Swann is likely to receive the official endorsement of the Pennsylvania GOP state committee in the May Republican primary.
Swann, 53, is making his first run for public office. His supporters for the Republican nomination say his high profile and charisma would make him the best candidate to take on Democratic Gov. Ed Rendell, who is expected to seek a second four-year term.

"Obviously, it looks good now, but we're going to keep working until Lynn Swann is the endorsed candidate," said Ray Zaborney, the executive director of Swann's campaign.
The article talks mostly about the rivalry between the Republican candidates, and about the GOP endorsement and its role in the Pennsylvania primary process, but the author does have this to say about Swann:
Swann is seeking to become Pennsylvania's first black governor. Though he has revealed little about his political philosophy, he has said the Democratic Party has "taken the African-American vote for granted."
Such has been the case for decades, at both the local and national levels. It is nice to actually hear it being said by a black candidate, especially one with such name recognition and respect.

And if you take a look at Mr. Swann's campaign website, you will find plenty of indications concerning his political philosophy. Swann's vision is a simple one: reinvigorate the state's economy by cutting spending in order to cut taxes, and refocus the state's priorities toward quality education.
Our party needs a principled conservative with a vision to get government under control, lower the tax burden on our working families and job creators, and make sure that our children have the opportunity for a quality education that will give them the skills they need to succeed.
He has a lot of good ideas on accomplishing both goals. One thing in particular stood out to me:
Offering job creators and individuals tax relief is only half of the equation. Getting a hold of runaway spending is the other half. Lynn understands that we have to move from budgeting how much we want to spend and raising taxes to pay for it. We need to have a Governor with clear priorities and the willingness to make the tough decisions, and that includes reigning in runaway spending.

He believes every department of state government must be examined, and we must cut every penny of waste from our government. Politicians in Harrisburg need to learn that the money they are spending is the people’s money and it should be handled with the same care as their own checkbook.
Substitute "Austin" for "Harrisburg" and I'd be ready to vote for the man myself. So if he somehow loses in Pennsylvania, do you think we could entice a former Steeler to come to Texas?


Blogger Pops said...

Nice find, son! I had not heard about Swann's candidacy. I think I'll be sending some letters to my cousins Jesse (Pam's folks) and Josiah and their kids. I'll have to check your mother's Christmas card list, but I'm pretty sure that whole wing of the family is still spread across Phillie and Harrisburg. Let's see if we can drum up a little Birdsong support for the good Mr. Swann!

2/02/2006 2:38 PM  

Anonymous steelers49 said...

Great post Songbird. As a longtime Steelers junkie I find it hard to believe I'm writing to an Oil-head, but we'll let bygones be bygones. ;)

I've been following Swann's campaign for a while, and just happened onto your post in a search. Thought you might enjoy another blog post on the subject:

It's about all the great media coverage Swann is getting during the leadup to the Super Bowl this weekend. Pretty good stuff.


2/02/2006 2:58 PM  

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