Monday, January 30, 2006

Kerry's Military Filibuster

With all the political posturing of the last week by our good friend, the respected Senator from Massachusetts, I got to wondering... Whatever happened to that Form 180 that Mr. Kerry promised to sign releasing full access of his military records for public scrutiny?

It has been exactly one year since John Kerry made that promise on Meet the Press to unveil this own military records. To my knowledge, and the extent of my search engine prowess, he has not done so. While the mainstream American media seems unsure whether to laud or laugh at his efforts to filibuster the Alito confirmation, the talking heads seem blissfully unaware of Kerry's year-long filibuster of the truth about his own military service (or lack thereof).

Yes, yes, I can already hear the derision of the left that we conservatives just cannot let go of the past: instead of focusing on the evils of President Bush (who, may I remind you, won the last election), we try to distract America's attention by pulling up overblown issues from an election that is dead and gone.

But since the media has already begun salivating over another potential Kerry run in 2008, we need to maintain the watch. Who else will do it... CBS?

UPDATE: I was reminded by our friend Pat of Brainster's Blog that Kerry did in fact do a "limited release" of his records last summer:
Basically he submitted the Form to allow three media outlets (the Boston Globe and the LA Times are two, can't remember the third right now) to get the records. There is some belief though that Kerry had them scrubbed first, and the Globe and Times have not made public the information they received, just synopsized it for news articles they wrote on the subject.
Brainster wrote about it at the time, with a lot more info than I remembered having seen. Thanks, Pat!


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