Friday, January 27, 2006

Resistance to Voter Fraud Prevention

I have to admit that I had not heard about this before, but the Independent Conservative has been keeping tabs on Georgia's recent efforts to prevent voter fraud. Apparently the "poverty pimps" are up in arms about the state's latest efforts to require all Georgian voters to show photo ID, even though the IDs will be provided for free.
So now the law has been revised, to give away voter ID cards for free to anyone. All of GA's 159 counties will have equipment to make the cards. The Governor just signed the bill. Do you think that the Poverty Pimps and Race Hustlers are yelling "free at last"? Nope! They are still crying that even a FREE FOR ALL process is discrimination against the poor, elderly and minorities. Obviously free somehow discriminates. The real reason they keep crying is because they know fraud often favors Democrats. Dead voters and other shady activity has been going on in Georgia, but some claim there is no fraud at polls on election day.
An interesting read, with some good links and background information on the state's multi-year efforts.


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