Friday, February 03, 2006

Best of the Best for 2005

Thanks to Mister Snitch, whose compilation of the Best Posts of 2005 is up for viewing. And at first glance it appears to be a mighty fine list, with a little something for everyone.

Best Posts of 2005

And best of all (in my view, anyway), Snitch included three separate posts from The Texas Songbird. Not sure how "autistic" got changed to "articulate" in his referral, but the links are much appreciated! (Better check your spell-checker, Mr. Snitch!)

I was also happy to see that several posts from some of my favorite bloggers (some of which I suggested) made the final cut, including some good reading from Brainster's Blog, The Paladin Blog, The Right Mom, and of course Lone Star Times. Way to go, guys (and Ree-C)!

One more thing... Snitch has already begun accepting nominations for the 2006 best posts compilation. Medium-sponsor-button I've added the "Help Find the Posts of the Year" image/link to the right sidebar. As you read across the blogosphere throughout the year, make note of any exceptional posts and forward them on to Mister Snitch.

Now go away -- I've got a lot of reading to do this weekend...


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