Thursday, January 26, 2006

That Certainly Didn't Take Long...

In spite of their tough talk and political posturing prior to Wednesday's Palestinian elections, leaders of the European Union lost no time in returning to their modus operandi of appeasement when the results indicated a victory by the anti-Israel terrorist organization Hamas.

European Union officials ... released statements that the EU will support any democratically-elected government in the Palestinian Authority (PA), showing the first sign of backing down from its anti-Hamas pre-election statements.

According to an Israel Radio report quoting senior EU officials, the EU supports any government that will work towards ending the conflict with Israel, seeking to bring peace to the region.
The "peace" angle is somewhat questionable, since the sworn objective of the Islamic extremist Hamas is the total obliteration of Israel.

The Islamist movement [Hamas], which is officially committed to the destruction of the Jewish state, is on the EU's list of banned terrorist groups after a series of suicide bombings and rocket attacks on Israel.
I'm not sure how many years of murder and bombings it takes to escalate from "a series of ... attacks" to "years of bloody terrorist attacks," but apparently in the eyes of Reuters UK that milestone is yet to be reached. (I also have to wonder exactly which terrorist groups are acceptable in Europe, if they have a specific list of the banned ones; but I digress.) But it looks like the European leaders (is France in charge this year?) have joined former US President Jimmy Carter in redefining Hamas' bloody history.

The governments of Israel and the United States have already stated that they "have ruled out dealing with Hamas in government." The EU needs to wake up and take a look around to see what is really happening in that boiling pot we call the Middle East.

UPDATE: DANEgerus has some good words (and pictures) on the subject, including a chronological listing of terrorist attacks perpetrated by Hamas. A very long list.
[Hat-tip: Brainster]


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