Friday, December 30, 2005

Security Good, Blogging Bad

Well, in spite of my best intentions yesterday to finally resume the regular blogging schedule (i.e., more than one post in a week's time), technology got in the way. My regular laptop that I use at work and when traveling was "under the weather" and being worked on, so I borrowed one from one of my guys who is taking the week off (this place is like a ghost office this week, with a "skeleton crew" of about 20% manning the place). Fortunately, he has followed our strict guidelines about PC and internet security. Unfortunately, that meant that I could not access the blogging tools I needed to post to Blogspot. (I guess that's good in that it tells me my guys are not wasting their time blogging from work, even though it was preventing me from doing the same...)

Anyway, let the blogging resume!


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