Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Some High Points

Since I won't be doing much blogging of my own over the next few days, I thought I would point out a few other blog posts that have caught my eyes over the past few days.

On the death of Lt Gen William Yarborough: Death of the Original Green Beret, by Pat of Brainster's Blog

On the media's salivating over President Bush violating privacy rights: Privacy vs Getting Blown to Bits and The New York Times Designer Scandal, by Dave of The Paladin Blog (also, best use of a Maxwell Smart photo in a long time!)

On border security: US-Mexico border fence?, by Jeremy Weidenhof of Lone Star Times

On Affirmative Action in Michigan: Michigan having trouble allowing people to vote on Affirmative Action, by the Independent Conservative

On the mainstream media and the president's approval ratings: Differing Poll Positions

On the mainstream media and political bias: How to Write About Democrats and Republicans for the Mainstream Media, by Pat of Brainster's Blog

On The Chronicles of Narnia (which we have yet to see, hopefully next week?): That's Narnia Business, by Travis Fell of The Voice in the Wilderness

On the racism of King Kong: King Kong and Skinny White Blondes, by La Shawn Barber


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