Thursday, December 15, 2005

Bush Attacks

It always makes me shake my head in wonderment when I see the massive spin that so many in the mainstream American media feel they have to insert into what should be strictly news reporting. (Hence the term "news stories," I suppose.) But I sometimes get a good laugh when it is done as amateurishly as in this AP story by writer (not even labeled a "reporter") Jennifer Loven:
The White House on Thursday defended President Bush's decision to insert himself into Tom DeLay's legal case, saying Bush was employing "presidential prerogative" when he declared the former House majority leader was innocent of Texas charges.

On Wednesday, Bush was asked during an interview on Fox News Channel whether he believed DeLay was innocent. "Yes, I do," Bush replied.
Wow, what an attack! Obviously, the president spent weeks strategizing on how best to "insert himself" into this political battle. Insert himself?!? He answered a simple question asked by a reporter! And how about that brutal reply? He must have been up all night practicing that savvy attack.

What strikes me as most humorous is that this story was not only considered newsworthy at all, but it was included in the "afternoon update" email of the day's top stories by the Austin American-Statesman, the Texas capital's major news rag.


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