Monday, November 07, 2005

Following Her Example

The following remarks were made by Texas Railroad Commissioner Michael Williams at the recent memorial service for Rosa Parks:
"The lesson from Mrs. Parks' life is that one person can make a big difference. Each of us is challenged to reach deep inside, as Mrs. Parks did on December 1st in 1955, and find the moral courage to reach across party lines, economic lines, religious, cultural, ethnic and racial lines to bond together in a way that manifests our greatness. This greatness is the highest calling to human dignity and freedom, this hope that is America, that Rosa Parks responded to and that people around the globe continue to heed. So today, I think the best way to honor Mrs. Parks is to reflect on her example of service.

"While each one of us may not be able to do everything, we can each do something. A small act that might make a large contribution. Take action. Get involved in our community. Clean a parking lot, school ground or park. Mentor or tutor a child. Lead with conviction in our homes, our jobs and our community. Promote the well being of others beyond our families and our selves. This is the best way to continue the legacy of Mrs. Rosa Parks."


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