Friday, November 04, 2005

Another Delay for DeLay

This just in -- more judicial uncertainties in the Tom DeLay case:
A new judge has been appointed to preside over Rep. Tom DeLay's campaign finance trial after two judges stepped away from their involvement in the case because of their own political contributions.

But judicial wrangling left the validity of Thursday's appointment of semiretired Senior Judge Pat Priest of San Antonio in question.
And the snowball continues to roll, getting bigger and dirtier with each revolution.
The judicial wrangling is "a great shame," said Charles Silver, a legal ethics professor at the University of Texas Law School.

"It says that the judges who we elect can't be trusted to apply the law neutrally in cases that in some way, shape or form bear on their political beliefs," Silver said. "If that's true, we really need to revamp the whole system."


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