Thursday, June 08, 2006

This Round's on Me

I got an email yesterday from an old buddy of mine. Several of us from the old gang still get together for steak and a beer a couple of times a year, and we have plans for this weekend. It turns out his son is home on R&R, and he was wondering if anyone minded if he brought the kid along. I wrote back that we would be honored to have him, "as long as that flyboy doesn't mind hanging around with a bunch of old grunts." (Pete is currently stationed in Europe, but according to his dad has seen Afghanistan from the air more than once over the past couple of years and is somewhat familiar with the aerial view of northern Iraq, as well.)

I woke up to the outstanding news from Baghdad this morning, and immediately fired off another email. Not only is he welcome, but I'll be buying that young man's dinner at Taste of Texas on Saturday. And I can guarantee he won't have to pay for a single drink this weekend.



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