Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Jimmy's Against English

What a surprise, eh? Just last week, President Peanut voiced his opinion on the issue of amnesty for illegal aliens. Now he has left the farm again in opposition to naming English as our official language.
Loony Liberal Carter is against English being the official language of the USA, because the USA has not had an official language before. He ignores that ... in Georgia, English is already the official language of the state. It's bad enough that he embarrasses this state as a former governor turned President, but now he claims the Federal government doing what has been done in his own home state for years is a bad idea.
The Independent Conservative goes to on express a point to the official language debate that many of those crying "racist" do not seem to recognize:
It's a common sense idea, because it prevents the government from having to make translated copies of documents for every language under the sun. And with all the non-English speakers already here in Georgia, we see it never hurt them much. But it does save the state money. As it would everyone if enacted at the federal level.
Here in Texas, we have already experienced this multi-lingual expense. In Harris County at least, all information pertaining to voting — including ballots, multi-media presentations, eSlate voting machine displays, et al — are currently provided in three languages: English, Spanish and Vietnamese. There has been talk in the past of expanding that to include Chinese (Mandarin) and one other European language, either French or German.

To see the multi-language issue gone to an extreme, we have only to look slightly northward. Canada has found itself in an expensive mess, as political activists years ago forced the Canadian government to require all official writings — from government documents to road signs and other public notices — to be displayed in both English and French, even though English is used by the vast majority of the nation's citizens. The one exception is the state of Quebec, which requires signs and notices to be posted in French only — to hell with the rest of the country.



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