Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Mugging for the Cameras

It appears the Reverend Jesse Jackson is having quite a day today, mugging for the cameras. Several of "the guys" from the office went to a local sports bar for burgers today at lunch. Within a ten minute span, I saw Jackson's mug yapping on three different television sets, three different stations. The first was set to FOX News, where the good reverend was shown in an inset over views of the Duke Lacrosse team practicing their sport. Just minutes later, his enraged countenance filled the screen on one of the sports networks (possibly ESPN?), filling us in on some relevant point of the latest Barry Bonds scandal. And just as I turned my head from that, I spotted a stock photo of Jackson being displayed on another news station, quickly followed by tape footage of one of the myriad of recent protests around the country by illegal immigrants waving (almost exclusively) Mexican flags.

Luckily for my digestive process, all the televisions in the place were muted. I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the rest of the meal.


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