Saturday, April 22, 2006

Earth Week

My youngest daughter's class has been celebrating Earth Week at school this past week, which means that the teachers have been indoctrinating them about all the evils of man and how we are all striving to destroy the world we live in. One of her brothers remarked last night at the dinner table that with all the "Save the Earth" and "Stop Deforestation" handouts they sent home this week — anywhere from five to a dozen per night, per student, apparently school-wide — that one school probably cleared out close to an acre of trees from some owl-infested forest somewhere.

Since we have been discussing all these negatives at the dinner table all week, we decided last night that this weekend's home-homework assignment would be a different sort of Earth Week celebration. The kids will each find some examples online not of the evils that mankind is afflicting on the earth, but instead of the glories and beauty of God's marvelous creation.

My daughter definitely got into the spirit of the assignment first thing this morning and, with the help of Mom, found some wonderful sites featuring wildflowers and her favorite — hummingbirds. These two in particular were her favorites, and she wanted me to share them online:
I hope you get as much enjoyment out of viewing God's creation on this beautiful spring morning as we already have!


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