Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Voters Have Spoken

Well, the primary results are in, and it looks like Republicans have voted for change in Austin. Of the three local state senate races, each had a Republican candidate dedicated to working toward property tax reform (including the lowering of appraisal caps), heightened border security, and the elimination of the blocker bill in the Texas Senate. All three of these candidates won their primary districts handily, without any need for a run-off:

Texas Senate District 7 (NW Harris County)
      Dan Patrick68.82%
Peggy Hamric16.45%
Joe Nixon8.65%
Mark Ellis6.07%
Texas Senate District 3 (Montgomery County)
Robert Nichols54.19%
Dave Kleinman17.98%
Frank Denton15.28%
Bob Reeves12.55%
Texas Senate District 18 (Fort Bend County)
Glenn Hegar54.92%
Gary Gates35.63%
David Stall9.44%

Embattled incumbent Representative Tom DeLay also surprised some pollsters in his overwhelming victory in a four-man contest:

U.S. Representative District 22
Tom DeLay73.45%
Tom Campbell21.44%
Mike Fjetland4.67%
Pat Baig3.36%

And of the four propositions put before all Republican primary voters across the state, all four passed by a landslide!
  • Prop 1: Proposes requirement of photo ID to vote in any Texas election — Yes — 87.76%
  • Prop 2: Prohibit takings of private property — Yes — 93.80%
  • Prop 3: Limit government spending increases with some exceptions — Yes — 89.59%
  • Prop 4: Reduce property tax increase rate to 5% or less — Yes — 91.69%

It will be interesting to see what this summer's lame duck special session will do in light of these results.


Anonymous Squawkbox said...

Doing my best Fred Rogers
"It's a wonderful day in the neighborhood"

3/09/2006 10:27 AM  

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