Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Oh Thank Heaven for 7/11!

I find myself wishing for those good old days, when every neighborhood in Houston had a 7-Eleven corner store within walking distance and when the biggest decision you had to make each month was whether to blow the monthly allowance on candy and pop or a couple of 12¢ comic books. (The comic books almost invariably won out!)

If you happen to be located somewhere outside of Houston (where the convenience store chain closed its doors several years ago) and you find yourself suffocating in today's repressive July heat — or you just want to enjoy a quick free-bie — swing by the nearest 7-Eleven on your way home from work today.
Every year, July 11 marks the day that the world's No. 1 convenience retailer observes its birthday. This year is 7-Eleven's 79th year in business, longer than any other convenience retailer in the world. To celebrate, participating 7-Eleven® stores across America will serve up 3 million free 7.11-ounce Slurpee® drinks in special "Happy Birthday!" cups to customers as long as the cups last.
Of course, if you happen to be in Delaware, make sure you have at least "a slight Indian accent" or you aren't allowed to enter a 7-Eleven. According to Sen. Joe Biden, that is.


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