Monday, February 13, 2006

Radio-Active in Iraq

[Originally posted 2/10/06. Updated (2/13/06) with latest journal entries from Edd, plus link to Laura's photo blog from Iraq.]

As reported earlier this week, local conservative talk show host Edd Hendee is in the midst of his second trip to Iraq, this time accompanied by nationally syndicated talk show host Laura Ingraham. Edd has been broadcasting part of his regular morning drive-time show via satellite phone from various locations around Iraq, and has been bringing plenty of news to his listeners of the real state of affairs in the newly democratic country -- news that you just don't hear anywhere else in the media.

Edd will be flying back home to Houston this weekend, but he has sent along plenty of daily journal entries over the week to document his journeys and discoveries. Use the following links to read his comments on Lone Star Times, or visit Laura Ingraham's Iraq Journal for her take on the week, and see her great set of photos from the trip.
Thursday morning, Edd shared some fantastic numbers reported by the head of operations in Baghdad. One of the most interesting that I remember was that the Iraqi Army is now handling 25% of military operations -- that's one out of every four operations -- outside the wire, and they expect that number to increase rapidly. We just aren't hearing these kinds of reports from the mainstream media.

UPDATE: Blogger Ian of Expose the Left has the audio of Luara Ingraham's mini-summary of her Iran journal, recorded from her interview with Sean Hannity. -- Songbird, 02/11/2006


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