Friday, February 10, 2006

Radio-Active on the Border

Dan Patrick, the station manager and regular afternoon talk show host of KSEV Radio in the Houston metropolitan area, is currently taking a hiatus from the radio waves to run for the District 7 seat of the Texas State Senate. During this time, however, he has not relinquished the radio-active reputation of his popular conservative talk show. Dan has remained active in the push for conservative values and leadership in Texas, and has built those conservative values into his Patrick Pact with Texas.

Early this week, Dan made a trip down to the Texas-Mexico border at the invitation of one of the border sheriffs. This is his report on his trip. (Since the report has not yet been posted to Dan's campaign site, I am reprinting it in its entirety for the purpose of sharing this information with as many readers as possible.)


Leading Senate candidate goes out on night patrol with Sheriff’s deputies

DEL RIO, TEXAS – At the request of local law enforcement, Dan Patrick, candidate for Texas Senate – District 7, traveled to Del Rio to see the border problems first hand.

Upon arriving, Val Verde County Sheriff’s deputies adorned Mr. Patrick in a flak jacket and then escorted Dan to some of this county’s border hot spots. Sheriff’s deputies lead Dan to this area’s high target areas for illegal drug trafficking, illegal border crossings and crime areas associated with illegal immigrants. The group’s activities, conducted under the cover of darkness, lasted until 4:00 AM this morning before day light operations began at 9:00 AM.

The entourage’s first stop was “Vega Terrace,” a United States Port of Entry where authorities confiscated over 2,000 pounds of marijuana in the month of January. Additional seizures on Monday and Wednesday of last week netted 374 and 362 pounds respectively.

The group’s next stop was “Vega Verde,” where illegal immigrants burglarized residences on multiple occasions during the summer of 2005. After the homes had been pillaged, illegal immigrants set fire to the homes that were once owned by law-abiding, tax-paying Texans.

According to local law enforcement officials, border crossings in recent years have taken a more violent turn. What once were attempts to seek prosperity and opportunity, turned into border invasions to commit crimes, traffic drugs or smuggle people into Texas. This county has documented cases of illegal immigrants from El Salvador, Cuba, Guatemala, Nicaragua and other Central American countries. What is most disconcerting to local law enforcement officials, is the number of “people of interest” from countries on the Homeland Security’s terrorist watch list that have been detained in this rural county.

Just two Val Verde County Sheriff’s deputies are responsible for patrolling approximately 3,600 square miles of this rugged border county. This county’s 50,000 residents depend on just thirteen deputies to protect their lives and property from border insurgents.

“I am grateful that Mr. Patrick took the time out his busy schedule to come down and see the problems we are facing. You cannot get an appreciation for our challenges without spending a night on the front line,” Val Verde County Sheriff’s Deputy Jose Luis Blancarte.

“I am never ceased to be amazed with the courage and determination of local law enforcement officers to protect our border. Despite being out gunned and out manned they are doing their best to hold the line against those who invade our country. They need our help now. As Senator, helping these courageous lawmen will be my highest priority. In the interim, my plan is to raise up to $100,000 in private funds for the Border Sheriffs’ Association to be used at their discretion. Even though it is the federal government’s responsibility to protect our border, it is Texas’ problem. The Republican Party in Texas needs to take the lead in solving this problem. I am grateful that Governor Perry is taking the initiative to support our Sheriffs. He will have a strong ally with me in the Senate,” Dan Patrick said before returning to Houston.


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