Tuesday, January 10, 2006

A Plea for Justice

Blogger and independent reporter Michael Yon has this story about an American family who is urging President Bush to take another firm stand in the ongoing War on Terror.
He was only 23 years-old but by any measure he was a man. A real man who stood up to the terrorists who were savagely torturing him on an airliner. Those same terrorists shot the young Navy diver and dumped his body onto the tarmac. I remember the day in 1985 that Robert Stethem was murdered.

Fast forward: More than 20 years later, one of Robert’s murderers, who was in a German prison, apparently was used by the German government as currency to pay other terrorists to release a German hostage. Requests by the U.S. government to turn over the killer were denied, and he returned safely to the Lebanese terror breeding grounds that he called home.
Please take the time to read Michael's full post, and perhaps follow up with a letter of your own.


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