Monday, November 14, 2005

Creation vs. Evolution

Matt Forge, cartoonist and contributor over at the Lone Star Times, last week posted a fantastic piece on the debate and arguments between the theory of evolution and the theology of creationism. Since several of my readers are not regular visitors of that blog, I am reposting (with Matt's permission) the opening of his post here:
Well, it seems that [Matt] Bramanti has opened up a whole can of world-view worms when he posted an article on this subject earlier. As a young-earth literal-day dinos-on-the-ark creationist southern baptist boy, I found the statements in the comments section rather fascinating.

Once a theistic evolutionist, I have put more hours into research and study on this subject than I can recount. I even created a website dealing with evolution in my own :::ahem::: "subtle" way (but haven’t added to it in a couple of years).

What I’ve done is extracted statements from the comments section and linked them to websites that I trust to explain/refute the charges way better than I ever could. Simply click the statement to be magically teletransported, with technology brought to you by operational science (not "origins" science), to an answer to it.

These represent my opinions and not necessarily those of any other writers here at LST. Whether you agree with them or not, I hope you find them to be fascinating reading and food for thought…
For the fascinating full set of arguments and links, as well as an impassioned debate by LST readers (on both sides of the debate), click here.

(Thanks, Matt!)


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