Tuesday, November 15, 2005

A Centennial Worth Celebrating

Last Wednesday was a major milestone for Dorothy Inghram, who celebrated her 100th birthday in her hometown of San Bernardino, California. Ms. Inghram, a true pillar in her community, celebrated this life event in a manner that seems to reflect her life of service and of action:

On Wednesday she spent the entire day at the Library named in her honor, reading to the children and meeting well wishers.
Of course, she also made time to sneak over to the local bowling alley to party with the guys:

"Yesterday's celebration at the bowling alley was wonderful, too. I had my picture taken with all the men there," she said, smiling. "We had so much fun, there was food galore, but I bowled very poorly, just when I wanted to do so well."

She complained of back-to-back scores of 149 and 150 totals that most centurions could not even comprehend.
The local papers The San Bernardino County Sun and The Black Voice News both report that Ms. Inghram has led a full and vibrant life with many distinctions, including being the first black principal and the first black Superintendent of Schools in the state of California. She has written several books, spent 40 years serving her church as organist, works regularly to raise money for the local libray, and is even now a leader in the Golden Gleaners, a seniors group that volunteers and makes gifts for a local domestic violence assistance center.

From the Sun:
During her century, Ms. Inghram has seen all the miracles of technology from horse-and-buggy to robotic landings on Mars. She says she even remembers the San Francisco earthquake [of 1906].
Any regrets?

Looking back over her lifetime, Ms. Inghram says she would probably have eaten more ice cream. "I'm so thin, I could have afforded it. I would also have ridden my brothers' bikes and skated more because I love to do both."

Other than that, she wouldn't have done anything differently. "Both my positive and negative experiences being black made me a stronger person."
Now that sounds like a life worth celebrating! Congratulations, Ms. Inghram, and may God continue to bless you as he has obviously already done.


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