Monday, October 17, 2005

Government Takes Control of the Borders

In a recent report, there are finally some promising signs on the subject of border security. A new government facility, the Department of Border Enforcement Academy, is reportedly complete and ready to begin training federal agents to protect the nation’s borders.

A high ranking official stated that controlling the borders is now a top priority, and...
...the construction and equipping of 254 new border forts and fielding an effective, nationwide command and control system, will substantially help to carry out this goal.

And on top of the boost in security, there are other advantages with the new academy:
This academy will generate new jobs for the local economy. The facility will employ numerous officers, teachers, more than 800 trainees, and several civilians working as cooks and maintenance personnel. ... During the construction, over three hundred local workers were employed.

The bad news? This is all happening not in Texas, or anywhere in the United States of America. The report came from the US Army Corps of Engineers currently stationed in Mosul, Iraq.


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