Thursday, May 15, 2008

Razing Indiana

Leave it to the ABC Newsroom's crack investigative team to reveal the shocking truths that affect our lives the most.

NEWSFLASH: Indiana Jones is no real archaeologist!
...[Archaeology professor Paul] Zimansky would have liked Indy to be a more realistic role model. "I wish he'd take more notes and things. What's his publication record?" Zimansky said.

The reality of archeological field work is not a lone hero dashing into hidden chambers with a bullwhip and a pistol and coming away with a priceless relic. It's large groups of academics and students painstakingly sifting through grids to retrieve artifacts as mundane as pottery fragments.

Say it ain't so, Indy!

Next thing you know, they will be telling us real spies do not drive souped-up Aston Martins and bed the most beautiful girls in the world. Or that crime scene investigators are not some special breed of super-cops (who, of course, always bed the most beautiful girls in the world). Or that ... well, you get the message.

I am almost surprised they didn't save this ground-breaking story for Sweeps Week.

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