Monday, May 22, 2006

Deep Thoughts from the Deep Woods

Over the past couple of weeks I have really enjoyed reading the Lufkin-based blog of The Pine Blogger, the newest contributor to join the ranks of Lone Star Times. This Friday morning post is just one great example of the thoughts of this East Texas blogger, and it puts into words the feelings and frustration that many of us often feel when confronted by liberals or the unapologetic bias of the American media:
Because of my Christian faith, I often struggle with how far to take my blogging and opinions.

I have been called a "proselytizing bigot" because I believe the Bible calls for marriage to be between a man and a woman.

I have been asked how I reconcile Jesus' teachings concerning loving and helping one another when I want this country to enforce its immigration laws.

I have been told several times that it's "un-Christian" of me to criticize Cynthia Hall Clements' opinion columns that bash conservatives and the religious right.

Does being a Christian mean "sitting down, shutting up, and letting everyone walk all over you?"
Unfortunately — at least in the eyes of the mainstream media and much of the rest of the world — that is all too often exactly what it means.


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