Monday, May 22, 2006

Separation of God and Change

The principal of Liberty Elementary School in Colleysville, Texas, had a difficult decision to make. Run the risk of offending a small handful of people, or change the image on the school's yearbook. He did the second, but not quite in the way you might think:
The cover of the Keller ISD school's annual depicts the 2005 Liberty Nickel — complete with the face of Thomas Jefferson — but the words "In God We Trust" are missing.

Instead, the $16 yearbook contains a sticker with the credo and directions on how to apply it to the cover if the owner chooses.
Apparently school administrators were much more worried about political correctness than they were about manipulating the image of U.S. currency.

Aren't you glad we have such fine examples and role models shaping the minds of our children?

Hat-tip: The Pine Blogger


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dang It. Your title is so much better than mine! Arrgghhh!

5/22/2006 10:22 AM  

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