Monday, October 24, 2005

Why Blacks Are Having Difficulty with Democrats

This is a very interesting op-ed piece by columnist Ron Walters. However, I disagree entirely with his conclusions.

Mr. Walters opines that Democrats are "dismissing the interests of Blacks, Hispanics and women, the base of the party," and are instead becoming "more tolerant of conservative values." I would argue that the Democratic Party is moving more and more to the leftmost fringes of their liberal base, ignoring the interests of minority voters simply because they expect to always have those votes no matter what they do.

With leaders like Howard Dean and Nancy Pelosi, how can anyone assert that the party is moving toward the center? And if that is true, then why have the percentages of the black vote going to Republican candidates grown so in the last two major elections?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the democrat "leaders" are attempting to discredit our Republican leaders any way they can, by any means, so as to cause Americans to distrust the Bush Administration. Another tactic is to Never allow members of the Clinton Administration to be brought to justice for their 8 years of organized crime. Their crimes are treasonous, murderous, heinous, and morally disgusting. How Americans could possibly be promoting placing the care of our Country in the hands of Hillary Clinton is unbelievable.

2/20/2006 12:56 PM  

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