Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Roasting Cheney

(Just trying to keep the place alive until Songbird returns...)

From Cox & Forkum:

From Lucianne.com:

From David Letterman:
Top Ten Dick Cheney Excuses

10. "Heart palpitation caused trigger finger to spasm"
9. "Wanted to get the Iraq mess off the front page"
8. "Not enough Jim Beam"
7. "Trying to stop the spread of bird flu"
6. "I love to shoot people"
5. "Guy was making cracks about my lesbian daughter"
4. "I thought the guy was trying to go 'gay cowboy' on me"
3. "Excuse? I hit him, didn't I?"
2. "Until Democrats approve medicare reform, we have to make some tough choices for the elderly"
1. "Made a bet with Gretzky's wife"


Anonymous Ken D said...

Hiya, Pops! Great posts! (I especially liked Letterman's #2 about Medicare reform...)

2/14/2006 1:11 PM  

Blogger Songbird said...

Hey, Pops, thanks for your posts over the last two days! When you said you'd stop by the site and "see if anything was going on," I didn't expect this. (Especially the Letterman excerpt -- you don't even like late night shows!)

You're the best, Pops! I'll give you a call in a bit.

Love ya!

2/15/2006 9:37 AM  

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