Monday, February 13, 2006

Remembering Coretta Scott King

White House photo by Eric Draper: Coretta Scott King and President George W. BushWith all the hooplah surrounding the political rally that broke out in the middle of the funeral for Mrs. King earlier this month, many may have come away with the idea that Mrs. King herself was a supporter of the anti-Bush movement. The Independent Conservative reminds us that this was not at all the case:
The White House has wisely put a page on the web site titled: Remembering Coretta Scott King. The page features photos of the President and Laura Bush with Coretta Scott King.

Given some of the statements made at her funeral, it is a good thing that the White House released these photos. Because some Liberals give the impression, that maybe Coretta Scott King was a disrespectful Bush-hater, like they are themselves. The photos prove that she was a woman who respected President George W. Bush and met with him on several occasions. They may not have agreed on some of the issues, but they were able to be personable and respectful to each other.
What a shame that the same could not be said of some who took part in that disgraceful event.


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