Thursday, January 05, 2006

Poor Reggie

In the midst of all the Texas celebrating after a very exciting Rose Bowl game last night, I feel obligated to point out one poor soul that deserves a touch of sympathy.

Poor Reggie Bush. (And I'm not being sarcastic here either. At least, not too much.)

This young man has proven his athletic skills and abilities over the past few years, steadily improving to the point of leading his outstanding team to the pinnacle of college football bowl games. He has risen above the masses, breaking school records and winning numerous awards.

And, within less than a week's time, he has had his hopes and dreams dashed not once, but twice -- and both at the hands of Texas teams. On Sunday, Mr. Bush learned that, in all likelihood, he will be beginning his once-promising NFL career playing for the worst team in years, the Houston Texans. Any hopes this young man may have harbored of NFL glories and Super Bowl fantasies were dashed in that dark night as the realization must have hit that his professional football career was basically over before it began.

And then, in a second stunning blow, Mr. Bush's USC Trojans were defeated by the University of Texas Longhorns in a wonderfully two-sided, back-and-forth game that thrilled fans of both teams. Unfortunately, for the second time in a week, Reggie Bush's dreams of victory were shattered by this quality Texas team.

No doubt Reggie is wishing he were being drafted to Austin rather than Houston.


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