Tuesday, December 13, 2005

A Celebrity Celebration

Wide receiver Terrell Owens, recently removed from the Philadelphia Eagles' roster for his controversial antics, celebrated his 32nd birthday Monday night among a hoard of celebrities.

Among the list of attendees were a number of NFL players -- some from the Eagles, some from elsewhere (and no, Donovan McNabb did not make the scene) -- as well as an interesting assortment of other well-known revellers, including former Dallas Cowboys receiver Michael Irvin; actors Jamie Foxx and Wil Smith; singer and actress-wannabee Jessica Simpson (of recent Daisy Duke shorts fame); model and internet film star Paris Hilton; and ... do my eyes deceive me? ... the Reverend Jesse Jackson! That name seems to stick out in such company.
Scantily clad women wearing different colored No. 81 jerseys with question marks representing the team name provided some of the entertainment for the guests.
Ah, mystery solved.


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