Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Iraqi Women Celebrate Freedom in Business

The mainstream media and Democratic members of the Senate would have us all believe that the war in Iraq is a quagmire and a failure, and that Iraq's people are no better off now than they were under the brutal dictatorship of Saddam Hussein.

Dave at The Paladin Blog brings us this newsworthy information as just one more item (and one that is very dear to my heart) in a long list of successes and improvements to prove them wrong:
In an effort to educate women on their rights within the new Iraqi constitution and encourage their increased involvement in community and government affairs, the Ministry of Women’s Issues held the Second National Iraqi Women’s Conference Aug. 3-4 at the International Zone convention center.

Nearly 300 women from all over Iraq attended the conference, listening intently to presenters from various organizations, including speakers such as Deputy Prime Minister Dr. Laith Kubba, representatives from the National Assembly, the Civil Society & Constitution, Homeland Security & Constitution, NGOs such as the Hope Organization and leading women’s institutions.
The conference was "covered by two independent Iraqi newspapers" (yet another improvement from Saddam's Iraq, where the state rigidly controlled the media), but for some reason was completely ignored by the American media.

PCO Program Director Karen Durham-Auilera, who spoke to attendees at the conference, outlined many of the advancements made by women in the Iraqi business world since the overthrow of Hussein:
Conferences geared towards Iraqi women can be a great opportunity for both learning and networking says Durham-Aguilera. "We recently sponsored a Business Day for Iraqi women-owned engineering and construction businesses to increase the opportunities for women to gain awards for reconstruction projects. Before that day, there was one award to a women-owned business for a police station renovation. After the Business Day, there have been nearly 30 new project awards to Iraqi women-owned businesses."

"PCO reconstruction includes 22 hospital renovations," she continued. "Seventeen of these are maternity and children's hospitals. There are also five expanded health care centers planned, with five of these for maternity and pediatrics, and 142 new primary health care centers throughout Iraq."
Sounds like definite progress to me!


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