Sunday, October 23, 2005

A Report from East Texas

Well, the kids are in bed and the big kids (Thomas and Pops) are in the den screaming at the umpires, so it's finally Momma's time to play.

He may not mention it, so I'll toot his horn a little. Thomas and several of the other men from the church spent the weekend in East Texas again. This time they took a lot more wood and supplies than they did to New Orleans, and they came back looking exultant but exhausted.

Apparently the folks in East Texas, from Vidor up to Jasper, are putting everything they have into rebuilding, picking themselves up and refusing to let Hurricane Rita get the best of them. And while most of the Katrina evacuees that we have hosted and helped through the Houston area over the last six or seven weeks have been much more interested in blaming the government for all of their troubles than in doing anything for themselves, the people in East Texas are thanking God for the relatively low loss of life, and are busying themselves in putting their lives back together, unbroken and unbeaten.


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